How to Kill Tree Stumps

questionThere are various ways to kill tree stumps. Many tree stumps will re-grow if left untreated; this has been the basis for tree coppice harvests over the centuries. Many people in the modern world would prefer to kill or remove their tree stumps to either reuse the space (planting, fencing, paving etc.), make the area less unsightly and to avoid the hassle of re-growth.

The easiest way to kill a tree stump is to have it ground out by a stump grinder contact us for free quote. With the stump ground down, the tree will never re-grow.

Many garden center's sell stump killing liquids, these will kill the stump, but won't get rid of it. Most often you would drill a trench into the stump and fill it with the stump killer. Be aware of the danger to children, pets and wildlife. Nailing a piece of wood over the top of the stump should help. The stump will still take decades to rot.

One way to accelerate decomposition is to drill the stump and add a high nitrogen fertilizer, and cover the stump with a plastic lining. This will still take years to decompose

Continual pruning of shoots from the stump should also kill a tree over time

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