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Who will be this time? I looked at each other with snow, the atmosphere suddenly became cold suddenly, the doorbell quiet moment, nobody is going to come on again rang." Girl suddenly covered book, looked up at me.Kitchen knife on the chopping block came banging sounds, like a beautiful Blues. He pushed the car on the second floor, finally found a place to sell clothes. Cheap NFL Jerseys china nike The street outside will be colder, I put on a thick coat uh, off the computer, with a door out. Coupled with a night of anxious worry did not stop busy, makes me feel Shenxinpilei - nervous tension can not stand a long time, so it is easily tired. I weave back cool autumn day and night temperature difference is relatively large, especially in the morning when most people are cool infiltration. Her warm cheek against my shoulder, issued a similar a tense breathing, so uneven, crystal clear, clear as yesterday, reminding us of scenes in the head. Man heard in the door, it is easy to underestimate people? "Hello, sir! I'm sorry to bother you, I was on the seventh floor of the household, is this your family dog ??is not it?" Fat woman stuck in the entire door, my mind did not directly rude, but gentle I asked.

Can be identified - was a girl. I feel an instant he had plunged into a whirlpool of unpredictable, maybe from last night I took her back have been doomed all of this, but this will have to wait for what I would be, I know nothing. Cheap NFL Jerseys So fake sweetness, I have the illusion that the corridor is a small world, this little world just me and her dwelling, even though we never met each other before and now in. "Come, sit down. Even I do not know: I was to go home with a malignant tumor." The kits packed, I wander out, the girl behind me: "! Hey," I was shocked, hands medicine cabinet almost fell to the ground, turned around:? "Call me what I do is when also called fed? " "I'm sorry. Fortunately, at noon, the supermarket is not a lot of people, I was on the first floor to pick some canned food, vegetables, bread and milk. In this case, you must first stop the blood to help her say.

But this is no reason I took her, she must go! "I want to eat home-made food, okay, I go grocery shopping. Cheap NFL Jerseys for women " Once again, I feared happened, no other girl finished sudden headache again up, almost too uncomfortable to squat down. But I finally relented and again: ". Cheap NFL Jerseys a friend?. It clean, I found clothes make the man and the dog by Mao suit, clean it imported foreign goods than those raised pet nobility came difference." As I approached wanted to touch her, the girl suddenly stood up and rushed over to me, I do not have any of these incidents preparedness, almost He was knocked down. Street light is really dark, invisible to increase the fear of heart . How can so quickly! My heart almost to bursting, I could have sworn I woke up, and then eat with the snow, but also for her blood only a total of not more than one hour, how immediately to noon? I am frightened ran back to the library, open the computer, on the taskbar to the right of the time display - indeed we are a twelve noon.

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