Tree Stump Removal Tips

To manually remove a stump:
(be warned this is a back breaker)

  • When felling the tree leave a 2m stump to give you some leverage for later on
  • Dig a trench around the tree with a spade to expose the main roots
  • Use an axe to chop through the major roots
  • Use the main stem to give leverage and try to loosen the root ball
  • Bend over the main stem (if you can) and expose the lowest roots of the root ball - chop these with an axe
  • With luck you should be able get the root ball out of the ground
  • Now you've just got to work out what to do with the root ball, and find a whole lot of soil to fill the hole

How It Works


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We use stump grinding equipment to grind your tree stumps into woodchip


The area can then be turfed over, replanted or paved over

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