Stump Removal Costs

We pride ourselves in our low cost stump removal service. Our prices are some of the cheapest in UK market.

To work out the removal cost we need to know the diameter and number of tree stumps, access and location. Our Pricing is very transparent. You will receive a quote, which will more often than not break down the number of stumps, and the price for each stump.

The usual price quoted is based on the area of stump - although this does vary eg. some woods are much tougher the grind down than others for instance Cherry or Holly. Larger jobs with many stumps are cheaper per stump than smaller jobs. The access to the site will affect the cost; if the stump grinder goes through the house, up steps or if there is flat straight access, will determine which stump grinder is used; therefore the running costs. Sometimes there is also a transport cost added if the work site is on the periphery of our area.

For very small jobs there is a minimum call out charge. For very large jobs we may quote a daily rate.

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How It Works


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We use stump grinding equipment to grind your tree stumps into woodchip


The area can then be turfed over, replanted or paved over

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