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Edinburgh Stump Removal

Tree Stump Grinding Service

Edinburgh Stump Removal is a family run business based in central Edinburgh, specialising in the removal and grinding out of tree stumps.

Our specialised stump grinding machines ensure efficient and clean removal, leaving your space ready for planting, turfing, fencing, paving, or building works.

Why Choose Us

  • Easy, affordable, and clean stump removal with minimal disturbance.
  • We handle any size or number of tree stumps, from raised beds to challenging locations.
  • Serving residential and commercial clients, including building companies, estates, gardeners, landscapers, golf courses, tree surgeons, and more.

Our Credentials

  • Qualified C&G NPTC ✓
  • Insured £1m ✓
  • 20+ Years Experience ✓

Key features

  • Accessibility: We navigate doors, gates, homes, and steps with no minimum width requirement.
  • Stump Removal: Depths range from a minimum of 15cm to a maximum of 45cm below ground.
  • Effective: Our process ensures tree stumps are eradicated, preventing regrowth.

Founded over a decade ago, Edinburgh Stump Removal takes pride in delivering satisfaction to thousands of happy customers. We prioritise health and safety, conducting risk assessments before each job.

Explore our services and feel free to review our terms and conditions. Experience the difference with Edinburgh Stump Removal – your trusted stump removal experts in the Edinburgh area.

Edinburgh Stump Removal in action

Edinburgh Stump Removal in action

Portable Stump Grinder

Portable Stump Grinder

Areas we cover



“Thank you Andrew for such a quick and efficient service. We are absolutely delighted with the results.” David Wallace

“Arrived promptly. Observed safety requirements. Tidied up afterwards. Extremely pleased with his work. Highly recommended without any reservations whatsoever.” John H

“Quick and clear communication, and quote provided prior to the job. Turned up when he said he would, and did what he said he would! Just what you want when arranging jobs like this. Thanks very much Andrew.” Richard Thomas

How It Works:


To get a Free Quote, phone us on +44 7867 976 091 or email.


We use stump grinding equipment to grind tree stumps into wood chip, causing minimal disturbance.


The area is now ready to use. It can be turfed over, replanted or paved over.

Before and After Photos

Example 1

Before and After 2

Larger job in a private garden

Example 2

Before and After 5

Very large stump

Example 3

Before and After 6

Stump by wall in raised bed (cleared for an electric gate)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are the tree stumps removed?

    We use a stump grinding (root grinder) machine, which chews up the tree or shrub stump leaving just wood chip which is left on site as mulch. This wood chip can be left to rot into soil, used as a mulch, put under a hedgerow or disposed of in a brown bin.

  • How deep does stump grinding go?

    Stumps are ground down to a minimum of 15cm to 45cm below ground level, unless it is impractical or dangerous to do so - see our terms and conditions for details. Usually the size of stump grinder that we can get in will determine the depth that we can go down to. Sometimes the conditions of the surrounding area will determine what is possible.

  • Are stump grinding quotes free?

    No. If you are in our area we will come out to you and give you a quote free of charge. The stump removal prices depend on the size of the stumps, number of stumps, access for stump removal equipment and sometimes distance from Edinburgh City.

  • What happens to the wood chip?

    All that is left is wood chip, which is left on site as a healthy mulch for the soil. The surrounding area is left tidy with the chip backfilled into the hole. If there is too much chip from larger stumps, you can either put it on flower beds as mulch, put under hedge lines or even just put in your brown bin.

  • Can I plant over the old stump after stump grinding?

    Yes, not a problem. In most cases you can seed, plant, pave or fence directly over the ground-down stump. You will probably want to put some top soil or compost into the hole first. If you want to plant a larger plant like a tree we often advise you to off-set the planting, so it is not directly over the old stump.

  • Will the tree grow back after stump grinding?

    In almost all cases no. The stump grinding kills the stump, (and is the easiest way to kill tree stumps). Sycamore is very rarely problematic, but we will come back free of charge if you get any unexpected re-growth.

  • Do you remove all the roots spreading out from the main stump?

    No we don't remove all the tree roots. We just remove the main stump and surrounding area to at least 15cm bellow ground level; with our larger machine we can get down to 45cm below ground level. We can grind down any spreading surface roots if it is required.

  • Can you get a stump grinder through a gate / house / door?

    We can access anywhere and any width access - stairs / through houses / raised beds / confined spaces etc. Edinburgh Stump Removal have a range of stump grinders including a hand portable stump grinder. In some cases very large stumps will need to have reasonable access.

  • Will underground services be effected?

    Most services should be below the 15cm to 45cm we go to. In the terms and conditions it states that the customer must inform us of any underground services in the area of the stump to be removed. Most often it is broadband cables that causes problems as they are often laid very close to the surface.

  • How much does stump removal cost by stump grinding?

    The tree stump removal price is determined by the size of the stump, machinery access, and how far from Edinburgh you are based. Customers are often surpised at how affordable our tree stump removal service is. For very small jobs there is a minimum stump removal cost which covers the call-out. This currently £90

  • Is stump grinding shrub stumps possible?

    Yes, we can stump grind any size stumps including even the smallest shrub and bush stump removals

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