Tree Root Removal

With some trees, surface roots can be a problem.

When we are quoting to grind out a stump, some customers also ask for major surface roots to be removed; this can easily be done by following the root with the stump grinder. Cherry Trees in particular can be a nuisance, as the roots can track a long way on the surface, causing problems with mowing lawns and lifting up paving. We don't normally grind the whole area of the surrounding roots, as it damages both the machines and makes a mess of the area.

Occasionally planting or trenches need to be dug along the line of major remaining roots. Our machinery can grind trenches through the roots if that is required.

Make sure when you ask for a quote you specify any roots you need removing along with the stump being ground down, as our normal price is just for removal of the main stump.

We can quote for any combination of grinding jobs whether stumps or roots if requested to do so.

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How It Works


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We use stump grinding equipment to grind your tree stumps into woodchip


The area can then be turfed over, replanted or paved over

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