Honey Fungus

Honey fungus is the most damaging fungal disease in UK gardens. Honey refers to the color of the fruiting bodies of various species of the Armillaria fungus. Trees with Honey Fungus may be seen dropping leaves in drier periods, early leaf fall in Autumn, under or over flowering in Spring, have a white layer of fungus under the bark at the stump and may have Honey colored mushrooms at the base of the stump. If we grind out a stump with suspected Honey fungus we recommend you take the chipping to landfill. The effected area of the garden should be isolated from other plants by digging into the ground a rubber or plastic membrane at least 1 1/2 feet below the ground and 1 inch above the ground.

How It Works


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We use stump grinding equipment to grind your tree stumps into woodchip


The area can then be turfed over, replanted or paved over

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