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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinder in action

Stump Grinders are powered machines with a rotating head of cutting teeth that grind tree stumps down to wood chip. Our machines come in various sizes to be able to tackle any size job in any location.

Stump Grinders are the preferred way of removing tree stumps as the work done is clean, affordable and with fantastic results. We don't remove the entire root ball but just the main stump which kills the tree, preventing re-growth.

The machines we use should cause minimal damage to the surrounding area; although be aware that stump grinders by their very nature are big powerful machines.

We will put signage on the pavement when necessary, and use barriers to help contain the debris from the grinding.

On a dry day it would be wise to put the washing in, as it can be dusty. When the stump has been ground down, the hole that has been created will be back filled with chip and soil - we don't take away the chip; and excess is piled on top. Any excess chip can be left to rot down, you can put in council brown bins, you can put it on flowerbeds or hidden under hedging.

The area is then raked, and a blower is used to clean the surrounding area. Be aware that the work is noisy. The work area needs to be clear of pets, children and on-lookers.