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Stump Grinding Quotes

If you phone +44 7867 976 091 or email, we will get in contact with you as soon as possible to get you a free quote.

If you can't be in, we just need access to the area where the stumps are, then we can post a quote through your letter box.

If you live out side of Edinburgh and want an estimate quickly, you can email or text the diameter of the stump, number of stumps, location, address, access issues like steps/gates and a photo from your phone of the area/access; we should be able to give you an estimate without seeing the work site.

Most the underground services come through the front garden from the road; broadband cables are usually nearer the surface, but you need to inform us of any services near the stump to avoid them being damaged.

Stump Removal with a Stump Grinder